[OrRando] A Regional Pin Design??

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I have always like those BC pins, especially as they give you a little 
something different year to year whereas the ACP pins are the same for 4 
years.  They are pretty flashy, I assume the cloisonné is expensive.  I 
think I have the SIR board talked into buying a bunch of pins, similar to 
our populaire pin which we will sell to members so that they can have some 
thing to give away to folks who help them along the route.  I recall that 
many would not let you pay for their kindness or assistance but seemed 
thrilled to have some small memento, a post card or something.  I'm thinking 
a pin form SIR would fit that bill nicely.  You might want to consider 
something similar for Oregon.  Wonder what it would cost to get a Oregon 
Randonneur post card printed?  Something with Mt Hood and the Columbia in 
there?  Or perhaps an Orrando ball point pen.

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> I'd really love to have a small pin to pass out to all of our brevet
> finishers (in addition to the ACP medals). BC Randonneurs has been doing
> these for years and I have a few in my collection.  Do we have an artistic
> talent out there that can put a design together that represents Oregon on 
> a
> pin? Nate? Your photos are "favorites" among alot of folks, are you as
> artistic graphically? Lynne, the Bag Balm Jersey is recognizable all over
> the country... Here's the BC Rando Pin archive to show you what I mean.
> http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/pins/bcr_pins.html
> If you have any ideas get in touch with me. I think once we have a design,
> getting them manufactured will be easy.
> Susan.
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