[OrRando] A Regional Pin Design??

Susan France susanfrance at teleport.com
Sun Jan 21 11:21:46 PST 2007

I'd really love to have a small pin to pass out to all of our brevet
finishers (in addition to the ACP medals). BC Randonneurs has been doing
these for years and I have a few in my collection.  Do we have an artistic
talent out there that can put a design together that represents Oregon on a
pin? Nate? Your photos are "favorites" among alot of folks, are you as
artistic graphically? Lynne, the Bag Balm Jersey is recognizable all over
the country... Here's the BC Rando Pin archive to show you what I mean.


If you have any ideas get in touch with me. I think once we have a design,
getting them manufactured will be easy.

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