[OrRando] A Regional Pin Design??

joel metz magpie at blackbirdsf.org
Sun Jan 21 13:04:20 PST 2007

wow - some nice pins there - though my own aesthetically-backwards 
sensibilities prefer the more "retro" examples to the more "modern"...

1985: http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/Resources/pins/p85_200b.JPG
1989: http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/Resources/pins/p89_200b.JPG
1992: http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/Resources/pins/p92_200b.JPG
1993: http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/Resources/pins/p93_200b.JPG
1995: http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/Resources/pins/p95_200b.JPG

of course, most of those still have my distaste for stylized cyclists 
to contend with :) though as long as we dont use that blasted 1970s 
stick figure cyclist that rusa uses (its my mortal enemy :) ), ill 
live :)

im a sucker for rando pins from the 1950s or thereabouts - and design 
issues are part of the reason i havent bothered ordering acp/rusa 
pins since the ones i got in 2003, simply because i found them clunky 
and unattractive... i have an allergy to non-computer-related things 
that blatantly reek of being designed on computers :)

but im a picky bastard :) id be thrilled to death if we could manage 
something as cool as the raid pyreneen logo:


but im all for a local pin series, regardless of whether or not it 
complies with my own design aesthetics :)


At 11:21 -0800 01.21.2007, Susan France wrote:
>I'd really love to have a small pin to pass out to all of our brevet 
>finishers (in addition to the ACP medals). BC Randonneurs has been 
>doing these for years and I have a few in my collection.  Do we have 
>an artistic talent out there that can put a design together that 
>represents Oregon on a pin? Nate? Your photos are "favorites" among 
>alot of folks, are you as artistic graphically? Lynne, the Bag Balm 
>Jersey is recognizable all over the country... Here's the BC Rando 
>Pin archive to show you what I mean.
>If you have any ideas get in touch with me. I think once we have a 
>design, getting them manufactured will be easy.

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