[OrRando] 600k Advice?

nate armbrust natearm at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 16:11:43 PDT 2006

I suggest a beer followed by a two hour nap at 360K. That is what has worked
for me on all of my 600's, of which I have done one.

On the Oregon 600 in June, I reserved a room at the overnight stop but I
ended up giving up the reservation. Eric will probably have a room or two at
the overnight this weekend, and if I were going to be up there riding it,
I'd just plan on grabbing a quick nap on or around one of the beds in the

One thing that I learned during the Cascade 1200 is that if you plan on just
getting a couple hours of rest before you get going again, it works best to
get into the control, eat something and go directly to sleep. Then take a
shower when you wake up. Seems gross, but it is more difficult to get to
sleep after you have just emerged fresh from the shower. That was my
experience anyway. Not that I did much sleeping during the Cascade 1200.


On 9/13/06, Michael Wolfe <cyclotouriste at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Hi fellow randonneurs,
> I'm about to do my first 600k (the SIR 600k) next weekend, and I was
> wondering if any of you might be able to give me a little orientation.
> Specifically, I was wondering about the overnight control.  The Web site
> mentions "hotels" and "overnight baggage transport".  Am I right in
> concluding that there will be accomodations in Kelso associated with the
> ride?  Will arranging such accomodations be the responsibility of the rider,
> or will one be able to just show up at the control in Kelso and be assigned
> quarters?
> As for the overnight baggage, presumably that would consist of a change of
> clothes and some extra food.  Would I also want to include a sleeping bag?
> Thanks so much for your guidance of this newbie.
> -Michael
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