[OrRando] New Years Day Ride --- Westside to Waterfront

Susan France susanfrance at teleport.com
Sat Dec 31 08:14:23 PST 2005

Rick Smith and I will be riding from Beaverton HS to Downtown Portland
Waterfront to join in on the cycling festivities. Since riding to downtown
is new to me, Rick gave me a description of the route, which I entered using
some SW and now I'm making it available for anyone wanting to ride...

Rick and I will be leaving Beaverton HS at 9:45AM, please join us if you'd
like. I'll be riding the Trek with the "Jingle Bells" Mudflap. We'll bring
along maps though we generally aren't riding fast and will ride as a group
if we have even 1 person show up who wants to have a riding companion. If we
get to the downtown waterfront early we will find a warm cozy coffee shop to
await festivities. We will ride to Laurelhurst Park for more goodies, then
retrace our route back to Beaverton.

You can find a map of a nice quiet route from Beaverton to Downtown here:


Susan France

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