[ORRando] Web Weirdness

Michael Rasmussen michael at jamhome.us
Mon May 7 07:46:25 PDT 2012

When visiting the ORR web space please use (at least for now) 
http://www.orrandonneurs.org/ not the http://orr... without the www 

the www-less version returns, among other things, outdated calendar 
Well, at least on my proxied, and perhaps cached in ways I can't 
correct, work connection.  But it could be the same for you.

And what's this?  only a handful of people signed up for next weekend's 
populaire?  If you froze your way through one of the earlier rain-fest 
brevets you owe yourself this gorgeous ride.  Forecast is for upper 70s 
and partly cloudy.  Can we say "perfect riding weather?"  C'mon, I know 
you can.

Michael "25 pounds over max rando riding weight" R.
(and yes, I'm full of regrets)

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