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As one of the guys who didn't wait, I think this is fair (and also not a
sexist/prejudiced statement in the least).

Often when I'm on longer rides I have an internal debate about going by the
roadside or waiting to find a public restroom and should probably decide to
wait more often.  Most of our routes go though towns/cities at fairly
regular intervals, so the situation usually isn't *that* dire.

Thanks for the reminder about basic public decency.


On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 11:53 AM, Susan Otcenas <susan at teamestrogen.com>wrote:

> **
> As Asta & I were leaving our post up at Greener/Tile Flat, a gentleman in
> a pickup truck stopped to speak with us.    He was very nice and very
> calm.   He identified himself as owning most of the property up around that
> intersection, and mentioned his sister owned one of the roadside houses as
> well.    I thought he was going to say we were trespassing, but he
> confirmed that we were on the public right of way where we set up, and that
> we were not in the way of traffic.   His one concern was the amount of
> public urinination observed.   He welcomed the riders up there, and had no
> trouble with us using that spot as a control, but he strongly encouraged
> that we consider renting a port-o-potty for the day if we want to use that
> spot as a turnaround.
> Honestly, I can't blame him.  Asta and I witnessed MANY riders, all male,
> pretty much just whipping it out at will all along the roadside up there,
> without any regard for public (in)decency or the feelings of property
> owners upon whose property they might have been urinating.
> I recognize that there are budgetary constraints involved that may make
> such a rental impractical.  Nonetheless, I think it is something we should
> consider if we want to retain the goodwill of the property owners at
> frequently used locations.   At the *very* least, we should be bringing up
> this issue at the the start of the rides, asking people to use some
> discretion and to wait until they can find a public restroom whenever
> possible.   I don't mean to be sexist, but I rarely see female riders
> exhibiting this behavior.   If we can hold it until we find a restroom, so
> can the men.
> Susan
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>  Broken clouds and mild temperatures welcomed the Oregon and Washington
> riders who registered with Susan France for the Brew Pub 100km Populaire on
> St. Patrick's Day. She really enjoyed talking with new and experienced
> rides alike as they finished paperwork and availed themselves of the fresh
> coffee and Syndawg treats. A prepared randonneur offered a spare helmet to
> a rider who came without.
> Forecast precipitation was absent as 51 riders rolled out from the
> Cornelius Pass Road House. There were 3 late registrations including one
> who was at the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove looking for bikers! They finally
> got going by 8:15 toward Dairy Creek and the first control at Snooseville.
> There Susan Otcenas offered her fabulous baked treats to keep riders well
> fed, and Asta Chastain served up hot drinks just in case the weather turned
> cold. On the windy descent a generous randonneur provided a spare tire to
> Mark Schneider who blew out a sidewall earlier.
> Andrew Black provided more sustenance and encouragement at the Secret
> Control at St. Francis Cemetery on Wilkesboro Road. He waited for the
> riders with the tire issue to pass through. The Killin Wetlands overflowed
> Cedar Canyon Rd. with a couple of inches of water from the heavy rains
> earlier in the week, but this did not deter the riders.  The Coast Range
> was hidden in roiling storm clouds most of the day. The south wind that
> last week's pre-riders experienced increased through out the morning,
> making tough going into Forest Grove and the open control. Maggie's Buns
> did a brisk business today and thanked everyone for stopping by.
> Familiar Dairy Creek had an unforeseen flood that did not present on the
> pre-ride. The creek was at least a foot deep as it flowed over Susbauer Rd
> on the return leg at 87km.  Early riders pressed on regardless, and rode or
> walked the 100 meters of flowing water. The later groups were redirected to
> Wren Rd and Susbauer Rd., and arrived at the final control with dry feet.
> Philippe Andre enjoyed talking with all the finishers and masterfully
> completed all the paperwork for riders to earn their Populaire Pins.
> Finally, the Cornelius Pass Road House offered a menu featuring hot Irish
> fare and special St. Patrick's Day Stout to the celebrating riders.
> Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered or contributed to the
> success of the first Oregon Randonneurs event of 2012.
> Please contact me directly if you generously loaned equipment so we can
> make arrangements, and if you own the shoes or headlight that were left at
> the final control.
> See you all at the Molalla Foothills 200 March 31st, starts 07:00. Register
> now here! <http://www.orrandonneurs.org/bin/brevet_register>
> Tom Durkin
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