[ORRando] Brew Pub Populaire Recap

Thomas Durkin durkintj at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 15:37:31 PDT 2012

Broken clouds and mild temperatures welcomed the Oregon and Washington
riders who registered with Susan France for the Brew Pub 100km Populaire on
St. Patrick's Day. She really enjoyed talking with new and experienced
rides alike as they finished paperwork and availed themselves of the fresh
coffee and Syndawg treats. A prepared randonneur offered a spare helmet to
a rider who came without.

Forecast precipitation was absent as 51 riders rolled out from the
Cornelius Pass Road House. There were 3 late registrations including one
who was at the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove looking for bikers! They finally
got going by 8:15 toward Dairy Creek and the first control at Snooseville.
There Susan Otcenas offered her fabulous baked treats to keep riders well
fed, and Asta Chastain served up hot drinks just in case the weather turned
cold. On the windy descent a generous randonneur provided a spare tire to
Mark Schneider who blew out a sidewall earlier.

Andrew Black provided more sustenance and encouragement at the Secret
Control at St. Francis Cemetery on Wilkesboro Road. He waited for the
riders with the tire issue to pass through. The Killin Wetlands overflowed
Cedar Canyon Rd. with a couple of inches of water from the heavy rains
earlier in the week, but this did not deter the riders.  The Coast Range
was hidden in roiling storm clouds most of the day. The south wind that
last week's pre-riders experienced increased through out the morning,
making tough going into Forest Grove and the open control. Maggie's Buns
did a brisk business today and thanked everyone for stopping by.

Familiar Dairy Creek had an unforeseen flood that did not present on the
pre-ride. The creek was at least a foot deep as it flowed over Susbauer Rd
on the return leg at 87km.  Early riders pressed on regardless, and rode or
walked the 100 meters of flowing water. The later groups were redirected to
Wren Rd and Susbauer Rd., and arrived at the final control with dry feet.
Philippe Andre enjoyed talking with all the finishers and masterfully
completed all the paperwork for riders to earn their Populaire Pins.
Finally, the Cornelius Pass Road House offered a menu featuring hot Irish
fare and special St. Patrick's Day Stout to the celebrating riders.

Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered or contributed to the
success of the first Oregon Randonneurs event of 2012.

Please contact me directly if you generously loaned equipment so we can
make arrangements, and if you own the shoes or headlight that were left at
the final control.

See you all at the Molalla Foothills 200 March 31st, starts 07:00. Register
now here! <http://www.orrandonneurs.org/bin/brevet_register>

Tom Durkin
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