[ORRando] Three Capes Preregistration...

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Awesome!  Loved this ride last year.  :-)
The cuesheet on orrandonneurs.org says "tentative".    Do you know when
a final version will be published?
Thanks, Susan!!
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Hi folks,
Another big crowd for the 3 capes this weekend. 

I will be at Grand Lodge on Friday night and can register folks staying
at the Lodge or nearby.  (6pm). Look for me in the bar or fireplace
room. I'll wear my RBA vest.

The 200k registration went smoothly so I will ask that you please follow
the same guidelines. We already have 60 riders preregistered.

Here's the drill:

1.	Come prepared with your check filled out or the correct cash if
2.	Signin 
3.	Collect your card, cuesheet, & baggie 
4.	Move away from the registration area so that others can register


Please do not bring you beloved bike to the table...they take up too
much space.
Could an early registrant help me with the setup... particularly the
popup... looks like rain.

The route was preridden last week. The prerider reports more and deeper
potholes on the downhills of Cape Lookout and Sourgrass Summit.
Fernhill Rd was flooded and closed. I'll monitor the road conditions and
reroute the last mile to use 47 if the roads remains closed on Friday.
This is an unsupported ride. However, I will have snacks at the finish
in a room where you can check in before heading for serious food and


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