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Susan Otcenas susan at teamestrogen.com
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Indeed the out of towners will be at the Grand Lodge the night before.
But most of the IN-towners won't be and schlepping out to Forest Grove 2
days in a row is less than ideal.  Plus, unless the out-of-towners are
all going to be there REALLY EARLY (and assuming all the in-towners
could get out of work really early to get to an early meeting) I think
you'd have a hard time asking in-towners to go to a Friday night
meeting, stay out late-ish, then drive all the way home, then get up
early and drive back to Forest Grove.  

This is the sysyphian task I mentioned earlier, and it's why I decided,
with apologies to the out-of-towners, to find a date that worked for the
greatest number of locals.  I heard from a fair number of locals, and
the time slot I proposed worked for the majority of them.   De-coupling
the meeting from a brevet means no time pressure, no worries about
staying out late or getting enough sleep, etc.

But hey, if I'm way off base here and all those people want to go out to
Forest Grove twice, I won't get in the way.   But I also may not turn
up. (Which would be too bad, because I was planning to bake a
Paris-Brest for the occasion.  :-)



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May I make a proposal of my own?  Well I'm going to anyway.  How about
Friday the 11th at the Grand Lodge?  That's the night before the Birkie,
so most of us out-of-towners will be there already.  What say ye?


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