[OrRando] Heroic RAAM Racers struggle to beat Friday afternoon deadline

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Heroic RAAM Racers struggle to beat Friday afternoon deadline
Atlantic City - June 21, 2007 -

The 26th Race Across America will come to an end Friday afternoon. All the
racers must arrive in Atlantic City, NJ by 5:00 p.m. EDT today for an
official RAAM finish. In order to finish the race as an "Official Finisher"
all racers must finish their 3,046 mile journey in an elapsed time of under
295 hours.

RAAM has crowned champions in all divisions within the last 3 days; however,
the heartwrenching struggle of the racers in the rear of the pack always
produces heroic stories. The possible heartbreak of missing the deadline
after 295 hours of non-stop racing produces great drama for RAAM racers,
crews, and fans. So we expect a lot of serious digging for the extra power
to get them across the line in time, and some real tear-jerker finishes.

This year, the number of racers "on the bubble" and fighting for an official
finish is significant. We expect 7-8 finishers tomorrow between noon and 5
pm. Go to
see the estimated times of finish. As you can see, the racers with times in
red will need to really work in order to get to the Finish by 5 p.m.

The new RAAM website
offers real-time, 24/7 coverage from roving reporters along the road,
capturing all the drama, challenges, elation and heartbreak of this nonstop,
coast-to-coast competition--in words (updated every 30 minutes), thousands
of still photos, and several action-packed video clips per day. Tune in
today to watch the most dramatic stories of RAAM heroism unfold.

Here are some of the stories for these racers in jepordy:

John Spurgeon -  38, OR. Spurgeon  is attempting to complete RAAM on a
combination of two, single speed bicycles. He claims sanity by saying he's
not crazy enough to attempt RAAM on a a fixed gear, but rather has brought
two freewheeled, single speed rigs - one for climbing, and one for all else.

John Jurczynski - 50, NH.  In January he pedaled 87 hours setting a new
record, which was broken several months later by two other RAAM riders. RAAM
will be his fourth time across the country having toured across three times
in the 1980s. He is riding to support the American Diabetes Association and
many people are supportive and inspired by his efforts towards the RAAM and
the charity.

David Jones - 61, CA.  On track to make a new 60+ record!!  He is also on
his second attempt at RAAM, having failed at his first, last year.

Larry Optis - 28, Canada. . He started with cycling early with a trip from
Toronto to Florida when he was just 18. On that trip he realized what he was
capable of and what possibilities lay ahead.  In 2004 he finished first at
the National 24 Hour Challenge riding 470 miles and in 2005 qualified for
RAAM as the Adirondack 540 finishing 1st. As part of a program that uses
cycling to raise awareness for health and wellness in local school, he hopes
his participation in RAAM will inspire others.

Jim Rees - 44,Shefford, Great Britain.  Rees is an Executive Coach and
Keynote Speaker, married with six children.  Rees is motivated ride in the
solo division after his fourth-place finish on a four-person team in 2004.
Rees is inspired to help others to reach their own greatness and leads by

Patrick Autissier- 45, MA. A Flow Cytometry Specialist educated at Grenoble
Medical School, France, he is married with two children. He was attracted to
ultra events because, longer is better, and he it would be an original way
to visit America. RAAM is nothing new to Patrick having finished 2nd in Team
RAAM last year.

About the Race Across America (RAAM)

The Race Across America, known as the "world's toughest bicycle race", will
set over 215 competitors on a 3,043-mile route stretching from Oceanside,
California to Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Athletes race continuously day and
night, on their own power or sharing the challenge with a team, and a crew
of 8 -15 people following in support cars with food and supplies for the
race.  These courageous adventurers brave heat, wind, thunderstorms,
altitude, the dark of night, fatigue, and sleep deprivation, cross two major
mountain ranges, and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.  The
race is under new ownership in 2007.  The new management team is comprised
of long-time veterans of past RAAMs who have demonstrated a heartfelt
commitment to the race via their years of racing, crewing, officiating, and
volunteer leadership.  For more information and race updates, see

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