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I've got an REI hydration pack, but replaced the bladder with a Camelbak
bladder.  It is a 2 liter bladder, but I never fill it up - too heavy.  In
addition to water, mine carries a minimal wallet, first aid kit, lip balm.
I did clean it out before the 300k!


I like being able to take a sip of water pretty much anytime.


Lynne F



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I used a Camelback Mule or some other such horses arse (I'm not a huge fan
of weight on my back, either - but I used it on the C1200 and again this
spring up at NWCrank).  It's single-purpose - won't carry much but the

RB - did you wear a camelback last year?  I was thinking you did not - you I
recall (from riding your rear wheel up to Pateros) that you were well
ventilated with a long sleeve cotton shirt over polypro tank top. Seems like
a camelback would interfere with that process. 

I was thinking of using 3 bottles of water in order to achieve that.


On 6/15/07, nate armbrust < natearm at gmail.com <mailto:natearm at gmail.com> >

I'm looking for hydration pack recommendations from those who use them. I
really dislike anything on my back, but after the heat of the Cascade 1200
last year, I'd like to be better prepared for the PDX to Glacier 1000k in a
few weeks. 


I'm looking for large capacity (probably 100oz) and some insulation so that
I don't have to drink 105 degree water. 


Anybody have any favorites?






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