[OrRando] "Grab Bag" 200/300

Susan France susanfrance at teleport.com
Fri Jun 15 20:30:41 PDT 2007

OK, so everyone knows I'm swamped. Coming up with a new and exciting July
200/300.... Well, I had ideas but zilch,nada,nil,no time to go check
anything out in the next couple weeks... So I reached into my bag of perms
and favorite roads around Yamhill & Marion County and came up with "The Grab
Bag". Some of the roads you know... some not.

Three loops... 200k riders will do 2 loops, 300k riders will do all three.
Everything starts and finishes in Newberg because it is close to me and I'm
the default organizer and all my perms seem to start here.  You can take a
look at the maps, I'll be working on the cuesheets and controls over time.
This is also a test of how good you really are at this rando stuff. Every
100k you come back to the start.... You can, if you so choose, DNF and drive
home. Yep, temptation. All that speed and climbing ability means nothing if
you can't get back on the bike and pedal away from your car the second and
third times.

And I'll remind everyone about the rule again cause it does come up. You
sign up for the 300 and decide you cannot go further than 200k... tough
cookies... no credit for the shorter distance.

Now... I could use a prerider to assure there are no closed roads or miles
of gravel on the route. Apparently we have a large contingent riding 1000k 2
weeks prior... so maybe one of you who hasn't ridden to Montana can
volunteer to preride the weekend of July 6-8 sometime.

See ya,
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