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Yep, there is a very nice road from Estacada to Breitenbush.  I rode it last
summer, it's paved the whole way:

Note that Faraday Road washed out at the end of March, and PGE has yet to
clear it (though they have started the work.)

There are lots of great roads that go off of OR 224 and NFD 46, including
paved roads that lead up to High Rock (NFD 58), Bagby Hotsprings (NFD 63 and
NFD 70) and a mostly paved road that goes up to Timothy Lake (NFD 57 and NFD
5810 -- you have to portage a creek on the latter).  NFD 57 is particularly
nice, because a slide closed the paved section to auto traffic, but it's
easy to negotiate on your bike (
 NFD 42 is also supposed to be paved and nice to ride on, but I haven't
explored that one yet.

Plenty of opportunity to take a day to explore, if you want to bang out
around 150 miles, or take 2 or more days and camp, 'cause there's plenty of
places to camp up there.

Snacks available at Promontory Park and Ripplebrook, and that's pretty much

It blows me away that the Clackamas isn't as popular a riding destination as
the Columbia Gorge, really.


On 6/12/07, joel metz <magpie at blackbirdsf.org> wrote:
> ive been poking around some maps sussing out the possibility of some
> gravel stretches on the estacada-breitenbush routing - looks
> promising, but gravel or no, i cant imagine it being anything but a
> pretty ride. probably not all that busy with traffic, either, at the
> right time of year...
> hmmm.
> -joel
> At 14:09 +0000 06.12.2007, cecilanne at comcast.net wrote:
> >Nice write up - as for that Estacada-Detroit route, I have yet to do
> >it myself but am told that the round trip from Detroit Lake to
> >Ripple Brook Ranger Station is 92 miles and the road is beautiful
> >the whole way - no services, of course, so you need to make sure you
> >have enough water and fuel, and your better bet is to start in
> >Estacada because you then have the services in Detroit Lake at
> >mid-point . .
> >
> >Cecil "gonna do it in August" Anne
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> >From: joel metz <magpie at blackbirdsf.org>
> >>  report up - not a whole lot of pics, virtually nothing from the 2nd
> >>  day, but a fair bit of text...
> >>
> >>  http://www.blackbirdsf.org/randonneuring/2007_600.html
> >>
> >>  i actually didnt feel all too shabby monday morning, though i had
> >>  pretty much zero acceleration or climbing ability all day, even on
> >>  the mildest of grades downtown... honestly felt better than the
> >>  physical "ive been hit by a truck" feeling post-300, or the psych
> >  > equivalent that hit me after the 400...
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