[OrRando] Re: Bike Commute Week

joel metz magpie at blackbirdsf.org
Fri Jan 26 17:48:50 PST 2007

yeah, me too - i advise against including me in any bike commuting 
challenges :)

as for mileage, i shudder to think what my numbers would be if i 
recorded them :)


At 16:30 -0800 01.26.2007, Del Scharffenberg wrote:
>  > Michael Rasmussen wrote:
>>  Nate and I have a bike commute challenge going.  Driver owes
>>  the rider a beer, on a day when we both drive there are other "penalties."
>Hey guys,
>Be glad I'm not in on this contest.  Every day counts.
>Today is my 19th bike commute day of 2007, 24 miles per day.
>Most winter days I ride my Surly CrossCheck with Schwalbe
>Marathon Plus tires.  They worked very well in fresh snow,
>but were awful in the following ice.  Last Wednesday and
>Thursday I rode my mountain bike with tire chains mounted.
>(Picture available on request).  They worked great, but are awful
>on clear pavement.  My commute time was nearly double the hour
>it usually takes.  Yesterday I passed 500 miles for the year.
>(December 7 I passed 250,000 lifetime recorded miles!).
>-- Del
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