[OrRando] Re: Bike Commute Week

Del Scharffenberg dels at intersoftsystems.com
Fri Jan 26 16:30:05 PST 2007

> Michael Rasmussen wrote:
> Nate and I have a bike commute challenge going.  Driver owes
> the rider a beer, on a day when we both drive there are other "penalties."

Hey guys,

Be glad I'm not in on this contest.  Every day counts.
Today is my 19th bike commute day of 2007, 24 miles per day.
Most winter days I ride my Surly CrossCheck with Schwalbe
Marathon Plus tires.  They worked very well in fresh snow,
but were awful in the following ice.  Last Wednesday and
Thursday I rode my mountain bike with tire chains mounted.
(Picture available on request).  They worked great, but are awful
on clear pavement.  My commute time was nearly double the hour
it usually takes.  Yesterday I passed 500 miles for the year.
(December 7 I passed 250,000 lifetime recorded miles!).

-- Del

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