[OrRando] A Regional Pin Design??

joel metz magpie at blackbirdsf.org
Sun Jan 21 19:29:08 PST 2007

im a sucker for the whel and cog based logos myself - my favorites of 
that lot are the randonee des cols pyreneens, randonneurs des alpes, 
raid pyreneen, cta, and randonee de savoie... though i kinda like the 
boucles de la seine design as well... ive always thought that when i 
actually get around to doing the raid olympique idea that i teased 
people with a few years ago, id make a logo similar to the raid 
pyreneen one.

if i get a bug up my butt on my day off tuesday, maybe ill see if i 
can cut and paste some logo ideas together from old images in my 


At 18:44 -0800 01.21.2007, Susan France wrote:
>I should say I actually thought we should do pins for each distance 200-1000
>(same design but different distance, medal color &/ enamal color), plus
>maybe populaire and fleche. You do get a very nifty looking certificate for
>the fleche though. I also thought the design could change each year. This
>year might be rushed, but folks then have lots of bike riding time to think
>of something for next year, then the next.
>Let me take a stab though. These pictures you put up were great Joel.
>I like the Green Enamel pin near the bottom for the 50k... Something like
>that for a populaire with an "O"... but not a UofO O, a retro O. I even like
>the coloring on it... makes me think 1890s almost... now that I think of it
>the color are similar to Tony's "Beaujolais" or "Burgundy" isn't it.
>I like all of the bicycle wheel logos I see. I tend to keep coming back to
>that one for 200-1000km brevets. Heck I like the BC 85 & 86 bicycle wheel
>Something I always thought would be cool would be to have 4 medals (200-600)
>that when put together like a pie makes for a complete design... maybe
>something to contemplate in the future. That "rooster" medal at the bottom
>maybe was part of such a "set"... hard to say.
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>just added a few more...
>and i think it wouldnt be half-bad to have multiple designs - one for
>brevets, one for populaires, one for fleche... you could get really
>carried away! :)
>At 17:38 -0800 01.21.2007, nate armbrust wrote:
>>I like those that Joel posted. I noticed that a few of them have
>>buildings set before mountain scenes and such. Because of our
>>standard brevet starting point, it would be nice to see the Grand
>>Lodge set in front of a coastal pass or something.
>>On 1/21/07, joel metz
>><<mailto:magpie at blackbirdsf.org>magpie at blackbirdsf.org> wrote:
>>ok, after some flipping through old cyclotouring mags, heres all the
>>examples i found of old rando logos...
>  ><http://www.blackbirdsf.org/logos.html>http://www.blackbirdsf.org/logos.htm
>>ive got some more around here, im sure. but this is where *i* would
>>start brainstorming, but then, my design aesthetics are generally
>  >frozen in time periods prior to my birth! :)

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