[OrRando] A Regional Pin Design??

Susan France susanfrance at teleport.com
Sun Jan 21 18:44:54 PST 2007

I should say I actually thought we should do pins for each distance 200-1000
(same design but different distance, medal color &/ enamal color), plus
maybe populaire and fleche. You do get a very nifty looking certificate for
the fleche though. I also thought the design could change each year. This
year might be rushed, but folks then have lots of bike riding time to think
of something for next year, then the next.

Let me take a stab though. These pictures you put up were great Joel.

I like the Green Enamel pin near the bottom for the 50k... Something like
that for a populaire with an "O"... but not a UofO O, a retro O. I even like
the coloring on it... makes me think 1890s almost... now that I think of it
the color are similar to Tony's "Beaujolais" or "Burgundy" isn't it.

I like all of the bicycle wheel logos I see. I tend to keep coming back to
that one for 200-1000km brevets. Heck I like the BC 85 & 86 bicycle wheel

Something I always thought would be cool would be to have 4 medals (200-600)
that when put together like a pie makes for a complete design... maybe
something to contemplate in the future. That "rooster" medal at the bottom
maybe was part of such a "set"... hard to say.


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just added a few more...

and i think it wouldnt be half-bad to have multiple designs - one for
brevets, one for populaires, one for fleche... you could get really
carried away! :)


At 17:38 -0800 01.21.2007, nate armbrust wrote:
>I like those that Joel posted. I noticed that a few of them have
>buildings set before mountain scenes and such. Because of our
>standard brevet starting point, it would be nice to see the Grand
>Lodge set in front of a coastal pass or something.
>On 1/21/07, joel metz
><<mailto:magpie at blackbirdsf.org>magpie at blackbirdsf.org> wrote:
>ok, after some flipping through old cyclotouring mags, heres all the
>examples i found of old rando logos...
>ive got some more around here, im sure. but this is where *i* would
>start brainstorming, but then, my design aesthetics are generally
>frozen in time periods prior to my birth! :)

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