[OrRando] A Regional Pin Design??

nate armbrust natearm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 16:58:11 PST 2007

That's funny, I just received this print as a birthday gift
http://www.nwartmall.com/pal/mthdbiker.jpg I think it would make a great pin
if the text was changed and you put a handlebar bag and a lamp on the bike.

I think something with the ocean would be nice since it is a common scene
during the spring series. Or maybe a waterfall? Or a tree? Or a salmon
riding a bike? Or......

You can grab any of my photos you'd like and do with them what you please.
I'd offer to help, but I'm not much in the graphic design department.


On 1/21/07, LynneF <fitzbase at comcast.net> wrote:
> The Team Bag Balm jersey IS really cool.  But I cannot take credit for the
> graphics - I got one of our industrial designers at work to do it.  He
> wouldn't take money, so we gave him a vest.
> My taste in art is also more retro - there is a guy doing 30's style
> posters, etc for the Columbia Gorge and all; I received a couple of his
> Bicycle Oregon designs as a present.  Here: Paul A Lanquist, you can see
> his
> stuff at www.nwartmall.com/pal.htm
> Let's not assume cloisonné is expensive.  You come up with the design, and
> it gets shipped off to Taiwan/China, they make up a billion and send it
> back. :-)
> Cheers,
> Lynne F
> At 11:21 -0800 01.21.2007, Susan France wrote:
> >I'd really love to have a small pin to pass out to all of our brevet
> >finishers (in addition to the ACP medals). BC Randonneurs has been
> >doing these for years and I have a few in my collection.  Do we have
> >an artistic talent out there that can put a design together that
> >represents Oregon on a pin? Nate? Your photos are "favorites" among
> >alot of folks, are you as artistic graphically? Lynne, the Bag Balm
> >Jersey is recognizable all over the country... Here's the BC Rando
> >Pin archive to show you what I mean.
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