[OrRando] The Long Haul

Michael Wolfe cyclotouriste at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 15:57:12 PDT 2006

Hi everyone,

Not to be too much of an attention hog, but some people seem to have
already found it on their own and enjoyed it, so I thought I would share my
blog with you.  It's called The Long Haul, and it contains stories about the
long rides I've done, including brevets, multi-day tours, and long day
rides.  I also write a bit about the equipment I use.  Most recently, I
posted a write-up of the SIR 600k this last weekend, and before that, a
write-up of the Klickitat 400k from the previous weekend.

Here is the url: escapevelocipede.blogspot.com

I hope you like it!  And a hearty "thank you" to the nice folks who have
told me they enjoyed my writing.

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