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Michael's got a nice ride report of last weekend's 600K.
Here's an excerpt:

"Riding at night, in the cold, in the drizzle, through the woods and
wilds, with not a single other soul for company is paradoxically both
soporific and existentially terrifying. There is very little that
communicates the reality of an uncaring universe as effectively as being
out on an empty highway, passing through tiny towns where all the lights
are out and everything is closed, in pitch blackness. The night was
mostly overcast, so I didn't even have the stars for company. And at the
same time as my own cosmic insignificance was being bludgeoned into me,
my body's response to the late hour and the low light was to make it
almost impossible to stay awake. It was like being sung a lullaby by
your executioner."

Full report here:


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