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Here is how it usually works with an SIR 600:

The cost of the room is included in your registration fee, that's why you pay $40 for a 600K.  with almost 30 riders indicating they will come, there will be a bunch of rooms, figure 5 to 7 doubles each of which will sleep 40 riders, two to a bed.  Just show up at the control and you will be told where to crash, er, sleep.  Your pretty fast so you'll be one of the first to get to the overnight which will give you the option of A) a long sleep, and a chance for a comfortable second day, or B) a not so long sleep and a really fast time.  How do you do on the bike with sleep deprivation?  This may be your opportunity to find out.  If you don't stay long (at the O'night) you will probably have a bed all to your self. 

No need to bring a fart sack, but do bring a pair of shorts or pajama bottoms, commando can be a little disturbing. 

Me, I always shower first, it helps me get to sleep.  In your drop bag have a change of clothes and anything you think you might need the second day which will be dependent on your strategy.  if you ride through you will probably need food and some warm clothes, if you plan to ride more in day light, food may not be so important.  I always put a couple extra tubes in my drop bag, (also some chamois cream) they don't weigh much and are cheap insurance.  

I'm having second thoughts about riding this event, I'm still a little tuckered from last weekend.  If I don't see you there, good luck!

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  Hi fellow randonneurs,

  I'm about to do my first 600k (the SIR 600k) next weekend, and I was wondering if any of you might be able to give me a little orientation.  Specifically, I was wondering about the overnight control.  The Web site mentions "hotels" and "overnight baggage transport".  Am I right in concluding that there will be accomodations in Kelso associated with the ride?  Will arranging such accomodations be the responsibility of the rider, or will one be able to just show up at the control in Kelso and be assigned quarters? 

  As for the overnight baggage, presumably that would consist of a change of clothes and some extra food.  Would I also want to include a sleeping bag?

  Thanks so much for your guidance of this newbie.

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