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Susan France susanfrance at teleport.com
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Mark explains the 2 deadlines for SR... If you've already qualified for
SR...order your medal before 15 Sept. I do think we will have a handful who
will not be qualified until after the SIR 600 or ORR 600.


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The SR medal application form in the recent American Randonneur notes a
deadline of 9/15 for these applications. The online form has a deadline of
10/31. This confusion stems from an issue described on the RUSA website at

Bottom line: Qualifying riders who apply by 9/15 will get a medal. RUSA will
attempt to fulfill the SR medal requests of riders who apply between 9/15
and 10/31, but cannot guarantee success. As a result, I strongly encourage
you to apply by 9/15 if you have finished your qualifying events by then.

Your early application will benefit you. It will also help those riders who
qualify after 9/15 by limiting the number of riders tapping into a limited
source of extra medals.



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