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If you want to join RUSA, bring your application tomorrow. I can then submit
it to RUSA and wait until the number is issued before I submit your Perm
results and you are then riding within the guidelines of RUSA. As long as I
have a signed membership form in hand you are ready to go. This is typically
what we do for folks that are "tardy" in getting applications in before
riding brevets in the spring.
This webpage explains all the benefits of joining RUSA....the handbook alone
will answer many of your "how to" questions...it's a great handbook, really.

I'll bring an application just in case.

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  I get the message.  I'll join up and see you all next time.

  Jim Boehlke
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    Jim Boehlke wrote:
    > First timer, but I'll be in Hillsboro.  A month ago I'd never heard of
randonneuring.  Anything I need to know?

    Depends on what you already know.  Hopefully you're comfortable with a
    63 mile ride.  Perhaps you could peruse http://www.rusa.org/ and come
    back with whatever questions that inspires.

        Michael Rasmussen, Portland Oregon
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