[ORRando] North Valley & Ribbon Ridge has changed

G Ross ssormaharg at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 18:38:01 PST 2017

Perm and route owners,

This probably is of interest to people whose perms or routes use an INFO at
North Valley Rd & Ribbon Ridge Rd in Yamhill County. I know I have been on
more than one ride where there was an INFO here saying, "How far to
such-and-such winery," with the correct answer on a little blue sign.

Today on Hillsboro-Dallas I noticed that all such signs have been removed.
The information has been pasteurized and homogenized into a fabulous new
Visitor Info kiosk with blue signs naming the wineries (but no distances)
and a lovely map showing where they are all located.

I also happened to notice that the blue signs where Laughlin/Albertson
crosses North Valley haven't changed (at least not in the same way, and
probably not at all).

Graham Ross
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