[ORRando] Unofficial PBP results

Susan France susan.m.france at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 08:19:00 PDT 2015

You can go to this link to see an unofficial page of PBP statistics:

Here's what it has listed for Oregon.
Congrats to you all.

< States <http://shprung.com/pbp/?mode=state>
Frame # <http://shprung.com/pbp/?mode=list&st=OR&ord=1> Bike type
<http://shprung.com/pbp/?mode=list&st=OR&ord=2> Last Name
<http://shprung.com/pbp/?mode=list&st=OR&ord=-3> First Name
<http://shprung.com/pbp/?mode=list&st=OR&ord=4> M/F
<http://shprung.com/pbp/?mode=list&st=OR&ord=5> From
<http://shprung.com/pbp/?mode=list&st=OR&ord=6> Total Time
<http://shprung.com/pbp/?mode=list&st=OR&ord=7> 1Y180velo ALDRICHBrian  USA
OR81:04:07 2Y134velo BALDWINDavid  USA OR76:22:09 3N122velo BOGGESSWilliam
(Bill)  USA OR89:03:45 4F060special KOHANKeith  MUSA OR70:05:32 5F141tandem
MULLETKathy  FUSA OR87:57:36 6F142tandem MULLETRonald  MUSA OR87:57:36
7G219velo POWELL PARICHMichael  USA OR74:34:53 8J194velo ROSSGraham  USA
OR89:34:21 9C247velo RUPARDavid  USA OR75:41:58 10C060velo SIKORSKIVincent
 MUSA OR70:38:24 11G204velo WILSONAdam  USA ORDNF 12R103velo YOUNGMichal
 MUSA OR88:28:13
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