[ORRando] Introduction

John Floyd plannerjohn at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 20:18:39 PDT 2012

Hello Everyone!

I've been listserv-lurking for a few months and wanted to introduce myself.
 Unfortunately I won't be pedaling with you on Saturday, but I will be
helping Michael with paperwork at the beginning of the ride.

I'm new to the sport, so expect the occasional dumb question now and then.
I started distance riding last year thanks to a group of friends doing
RAGBRAI.  Had a blast and discovered randoneurring as a (relatively) non
competitive outlet for distance cycling.  I've got a few centuries lined
up, a training regimen underway, and hope to try a 200k later this summer.
 Looking forward to meeting some of you.



PS  I didn't mind the email from Velo Cult as a one-time introduction.  His
shop seems oriented to the sport.  Just my $0.02.
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