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probably not THAT expensive for a single portapotty for one day. 

There was a very welcome portapotty at the secret control (St Francis Cemetery on Mountaindale Rd.) My learning for the ride. 

Lynne F 
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On 3/19/12 2:27 PM, chris (fool) mccraw wrote: 
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 14:13, Ray Ogilvie<lochmond at msn.com> wrote: 
>> Being a 60’ish male I have a different viewpoint than some, 
>> due to changes in... well let it suffice to say that just because a 
>> woman several decades younger can wait until the next public restroom 
>> doesn’t mean I can. 
>> Personally, I would eliminate Snoosville as a control, but if it is popular 
>> I would be 
>> in favor of renting a port-a-pottie. With 50 some odd riders we should be 
>> able to afford it.\ 

Part of the problem is there's no public restroom terribly close to 
snooseville. I think the closest is the porta-john in North Plains at 
their new city park on commercial just west of downtown, or the full 
bathroom building in Banks at the banks-vernonia trailhead. Maybe we 
should make one or both of those a control to encourage folks to stop? 

If that isn't enough i'd be in favor of a port a pottie to keep peace 
with the neighbors, but that also means charging riders to cover the 
cost of rental and drop off/ pick up. A dollar or two might be OK but 
what if it ends up being 10 dollars/person? Or if it rains a bunch, 
nobody shows up, and we can't cover the cost? 


> If we do end up renting, the World Naked Bike Ride crew has found that 
> Cherry Tree seems to be the most pleasant purveyors of such things to 
> work with, in large part due to their willingness to rent the things 
> out in less than weeklong chunks of time. 
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