[ORRando] Woolistic jersey order update

Lesli Larson lesli.larson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 14:37:43 PDT 2012

Custom wool jerseys take a long time to design, source, order, produce, and
distribute. We've gone through a lot of the steps, but we have more to go
through.  Since we are changing the design and the color of the jersey,
there are have been significant delays.  Alan and I have been working
closely with Woolistic to keep the project moving forward.

Currently, Woolistic is waiting for the wool. Once it arrives, it will have
to be dyed to match the Pantone 19-5920 TCX swatch; see
This is a forest green called "Pineneedle"; it is lighter than Woolistic's
Wiels green (which is almost black) and not as bright as Woolistic's
Italian green which is used in stripes and sleeve/collar bands. See Wiels
wool cycling jersey at
http://vintagevelos.com/team-wool-jerseys/17-wiels-wool-jersey.html and
Cream Tricolore jersey at

My last message from Woolistic (yesterday 3/14) was the following: Wool
hasn't even arrived yet. Its due in tomorrow. Remember it takes three weeks
to dye being it was special color. So now we are still 35 ish days away for
production when you add in weekends.

I apologize to any rando who was hoping to have a jersey in hand by April.
I will keep you updated as I get more info from Woolistic.


Lesli Larson
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