[ORRando] Spring 200

Michael Wolfe cyclotouriste at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 14:26:26 PST 2012

I have 2 people who have stepped up to help me run the 200k on March
31.  It's a new route that is going to be a great ride, but it's a
little more work to break in a new course.  So 2 is really a skeleton
crew; it's going to be hard to get everyone their ride materials on
the morning of the ride if we only have a couple folks.  If you enjoy
doing these rides, please think about stepping up to help out.  No
all-day commitment is needed, just some help at either in the morning
at the start or in the afternoon at the finish.

I'm planning to do a pre-ride on March 17 with Keith and John.  Other
volunteers are absolutely welcome to join us, or to do their own
pre-ride any time between then and the 31st.

Ride details should be up on the site shortly.


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