[ORRando] PBP get together - proposed meeting date.

Susan Otcenas susan at teamestrogen.com
Thu Feb 17 12:10:40 PST 2011

Thanks everyone for your replies!
I have heard from the following veterans:
Del Scharffenberg
Joel Metz
Vincent Sikorski
I have heard from the following noobs:
Me. :-)
Scott Peterson
Ron Shaw
Lesli Larson
Keith Kohan
Alex Kohan
Tom Durkin
Joshua Bryant
Bill Alsup
Marcello Napolitano
It would be a sysyphian task to attempt to find a date/time that would
work for everyone.  However, I've done my best based on the availability
that everyone sent over.
Therefore, I am proposing a meeting on SUNDAY, MARCH 6th at 4pm.
Location will be my home in Rock Creek (just off the Cornelius Pass Rd
North exit on Hwy 26).  I'll send the street address to anyone who
confirms that they will be there.   I'll happily provide food and
For those of you who live in Bend and Eugene - my partner Jeff offered
to investigate a web conferencing option if multiple out of towners want
to participate.  With just one out of towner, we could do Skype, but I
don't know much about web conferencing.  If anyone *does* know more and
wants to save Jeff some research hours, that would be super-duper.
Susan Otcenas
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