[ORRando] Grab Bag 200/300 preride notes and updates

Marcello Napolitano marcello at napolitano.com
Tue Feb 1 09:36:11 PST 2011

I uploaded the updated route sheets for the Grab Bag 200k/300k brevet. 
For a link to the route sheet, and maps of each loop (and GPS files, if 
needed) go to http://www.napolitano.it/2011/01/winter-grab-bag/

The only significant change to the route was in Newberg at the end of 
the first loop, where the roads have changed in the 4 years since we 
last used this route.

Please note that next to the Dairy Queen in Sheridan, there is a drive 
through espresso that also serves some food. For those who would rather 
not go to the DQ, there is an option.

Pre-ride notes: The first loop was my favorite one. I have done North 
Valley road from Newberg to Forest Grove countless times in the past few 
years, but I never get tired of it. From Forest Grove to Sherwood, we 
ride mostly on rural roads through Washington County farmland. Sherwood 
to Newberg is the only significant climb of the day, and adds some 
forest and valley views to the mix. The second loop starts with a long 
section along 99-W to Lafayette, where the shoulder is usually wide, but 
in need of repair and cleaning. Then it continues around McMinnville 
along some suburban areas to the north of the city. Once you pass 
McMinnville, you get into gentle rollers along rural roads, which was my 
favorite part of the loop. I stopped at the drive through espresso that 
is next to the Dairy Queen in Sheridan, chatted with them for a while 
and had a hot cocoa while I put on my reflective gear for the night. 
Back on flat, rural roads to Dayton, and then again on 99-W. The 
shoulder on 99-W is just as bad on this side, and for me there was the 
added bonus of riding on it at night. I was glad to get to Newberg. The 
final loop is a night time ride through the French Prairie area, to 
Silverton and back. Fast, flat, quiet roads. My longest night ride so 
far this year. Everything was closed when I got to Silverton, but I plan 
to have a staffed control after 10 PM at the Silverton Subways. Overall, 
I really enjoyed this ride, but 300k was more than my body was ready for 
this time of the year.

Overall, I would estimate the elevation at about 5000 feet for the 200k 
route, and 6000 feet for the 300k route.

I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend. We have almost 30 
riders signed up, it should be a great day.

Marcello Napolitano
marcello at napolitano.com

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