[ORRando] Rider down

Michael Johnson mjawnson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 14:42:21 PDT 2010

So I just got back from the hospital and visiting with Joshua Bryant  
(recent 600k organizer) who had a horrific crash yesterday. He's got  
an impressive list of injuries right now that are gonna take time to  
heal. In time he'll be back on the bike. Hopefully folks can keep  
Joshua in their thoughts. He should be out of the hospital by the  

We had opted out of Marcello's 200k yesterday in order to do a big  
ride up Mt Hood and over to Timothy Lake and back 224. People familiar  
with Marmot Rd and the "Little Switzerland" ride might be familiar  
with the spot in the road that took him out. It's a fast little off- 
camber S curve that spills you out into a valley. Joshua was flying  
and just had a bit too much speed, hit the guard rail and ejected from  
the bike. I'll spare you the details other than it was horrific to  
witness and an extremely stressful waiting for Clackamas FD.

Anyway, I went and saw him and hung out for a while. He and Brit (his  
wife) are doing as well as you can do 24hrs after something like this.  
I'm not sure if he wants visitors or what would help him right now but  
it wouldn't surprise me if Joshua chimed in here a little later today.

Again, keep Joshua and Brit in your thoughts.


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