[ORRando] 2009 Jersey update week of 11-02-08

Lesli Larson lesli.larson at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 13:58:40 PST 2008

Hey B.  It looks like we have one more official order

To all--

I'll be at the Wine Country Populaire tomorrow.  I'll bring an envelope so
people can leave their checks with me and I'll mail them to Beth.

I'll also have an info sheet which I'll leave at the registration table.


Lesli Larson

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> Subject: [ORRando] 2009 Jersey update week of 11-02-08 and details for
>        latecomers
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> Hi campers!
> As of Wednesday 11-19-08 I have received pre-payment for a total of 13
> jerseys.
> I am expecting payment for at least four more in the mail this week.
> I am not available by email or phone Thurs 11-20 through Tues 11-25.
> If you have not yet sent in pre-payment for your jersey, here is the info
> One More Time:
> Check made to:
> Beth Hamon
> 1604 NE Saratoga St.
> Portland, OR 97211
> IMPORTANT: Please include with your payment a slip of paper with
> name-address-phone and jersey size and sleeve length. I need these slips
> help me sort jerseys when they arrive.
> ALSO: I do not own a car and would prefer not to have to ship a bunch of
> individual jerseys out of town. If you live outside the Portland area,
> PLEASE-PLEASE try to arrange with a friend for local pickup. Even though
> charging extra for mailing individual jerseys I still have to come up with
> mailing envelopes/boxes/whatever AND take the time away from work to bike
> them to the P.O. So local pickup would be greatly appreciated.
> Prices for jerseys:
> short-sleeved jerseys are 79.25
> long-sleeved jerseys are 87.25
> there is no extra charge for XL or XXL
> (this is a revised price including shipping costs from Woolistic. If
> already sent me your payment prior to the price revision, you will owe me
> additional 1.25 when you pick up your jersey.)
> FINAL NOTE: Deadline for pre-paid jerseys is November 30. I will call
> Woolistic first week of December with the order. If I do not have the
> 40-jersey minimum then I will start returning checks; I cannot hold your
> money indefinitely and I am not able to let this drag out for months and
> months. So please send your orders in asap to insure that we have a
> order of 40 jerseys. (Woolistic won't make less than that on an initial
> run.)
> Thanks much --Beth
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