[ORRando] R-12 Congrats

William Alsup billalsup at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 9 13:08:19 PST 2008

It was fun riding the last installment of the R-12 with so many like-minded adventurists. Cool of Kramer and Vincent to come in from White Salmon and Seattle. Many thanks to Cecil and Lynne for posting an invitation to the Scio-Covered Bridges permanent last January, and for their encouragement throughout the year. Congrats to Sal, John Henry and Joanne! And wishing fewer flats and an Oregon Randonneurs membership in Kevins future.
My account of the R-12 and its last installment is at

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Woot. Woot.  Congratulations one and all.

As someone who's starting his 3rd attempt.....I know how difficult this can

be to accomplish.

There's a thread on www.bikejournal.com and quite a few folks have started,

been stopped and started again.

Again...lots of applause...

slo joe
> Yesterday Lynne Fitzsimmons, Bill Alsup, John Henry Maurice, Joanne 
> Heilinger, Sal Ortega and I all completed an R-12.  (BIG SNIP)
> Cecil "whew, glad that's over" Anne

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