[OrRando] glove recommendations anyone?

joel metz magpie at blackbirdsf.org
Sat Jun 30 12:45:02 PDT 2007

i havent been having the finger numbness issues that plagued me in 
pbp 2003, thanks in part to well-padded bars and not riding flat bars 
w/ barends, but in light of the fact that i couldnt feel 2 fingers on 
my left hand until sometime in january or february 2004 after pbp 
2003, im not taking any chances...

ive just ordered the marsas bar pads from wallingford, and am now out 
on the hunt for a nice pair of gloves to replace my old standby 
crochet-back gloves for my distance riding...

sooo... if anyones got a favorite glove theyd like to recommend, id 
love to hear it! im looking for fingerless, not *too* heavy on the 
padding but something more than thin cheap foam, reasonably priced, 
and not overly garish looking (i am rather partial to good ol blacks 
and grey when it comes to gloves...)



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