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Thu Jun 7 12:49:24 PDT 2007

Mark put together an excellent "How To" for filling out your PBP application
**Note** Club Name: "Oregon Randonneurs" Club Code: is 937020
*** If you choose 10 am for bike inspection you can probably get your picture included... since you are probably a member of SIR or SeaGon Randonneurs ;-)

Print this out and follow this as you fill out your PBP Appl

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>Subject: [SIR] REVISED - PBP Application Hints for SIR members
>Some hints and instructions for the PBP application. Please note that  
>the RUSA application period runs from 6/1 to 7/1. Before starting,  
>read all instructions. Check out the FAQ and other information on  
>RUSA website at http://www.rusa.org/pbp.html. All US PBP applicants  
>are required to use the RUSA PBP application sent to RUSA, not the  
>online entry form on the ACP's PBP site.
>1. Use the same name on the entry form as you used for your RUSA  
>membership and brevets. Note that the birthdate is requested in Euro  
>format "dd/mm/yyyy".
>2. If possible use a 2-sided application. Use application form cut  
>from RUSA newsletter or make a 2-sided copy. Or print from http:// 
>www.rusa.org/Download/PBP2007EntryForm.pdf on 2 sides.
>3. Club ACP Code for SIR is 947018. Club name is "Seattle  
>International Randonneurs"
>4. If you are trying to decide between the 84 hour start and the 90  
>hour start, take the 84 hour start. It would be a favor to the ACP to  
>distribute the riders more evenly between the start times. For  
>prospective 84 hour starters, please note that the 5:00am Tues Aug 21  
>start is for all terrains AND road bikes.
>5. Brevet certification numbers can be found by going to the RUSA  
>website and doing a "Search for . . . Results" and entering your  
>name. Please note that the certification numbers are only available  
>at this time for the SIR 200km brevet. The 300km, 400km, and 600km  
>brevet results have been submitted by SIR to RUSA,  results from the  
>300km and 400km have already been submitted by RUSA to the ACP and  
>certificate numbers should be back from the ACP soon. There is no  
>reason to print out and include a copy of your complete results for  
>2007, so don't do it.
>6. Applicants should hold onto their applications at least until they  
>have certificate numbers for the 300km and 400km brevets. There are  
>instructions on the form on how to handle still pending 600km  
>results. If your pending 600km is an SIR event, put "Seattle  
>International Randonneurs / 947018" in the blank for "Organizing Club"
>7. Send a check with your application or pay by PayPal. Payments by  
>PayPal go to pbp2007 at rusa.org.
>8. Bike Inspection and Rider Check-In. Pick a time for inspection.  
>May SIR members will choose 10am for this process. This will  
>facilitate a gathering after inspection for a club picture and then  
>perhaps a lunch together.
>9. Note from a doctor. This does not need to be anything fancy. My  
>physician wrote on his prescription pad "I have examined Mark Thomas  
>and he is physically fit. I know of no medical reason that he should  
>not participate in a long distance cycling event such as Paris-Brest- 
>Paris." Don't send a printout of your last physical.
>10. The name on the medical insurance card should match the name on  
>the entry form.
>11. Cut photos to match size on application. Write your name on the  
>12. The mailing labels will be used by the ACP. Please type your  
>label and put USA on your labels. These labels will be used to send  
>your PBP instructions, frame number, and control card. Don't risk  
>these items getting lost in the mail due to illegible writing on the  
>13. Do not send your form by a method requiring a signature on  
>delivery. This will only delay processing.
>14. Any questions not answered on the RUSA PBP FAQ site, in the  
>application instructions, or here? Ask RUSA by e-mail at  
>pbp2007 at rusa.org.
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