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Will be of interest to a few of you. I'll be going up Saturday in the early
hours so I can ride too. I don't have to speak about our events until late
afternoon, so I'll have plenty of time to find my way back.

If you might want to carpool up let me know.

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On January 13th come out and ride the first of SIR's 2007 winter series
rides<http://www.seattlerandonneur.org/rides/winterrides_07.html>.  Meet
at Sammamish Valley Cycles for a 36 mile social ride.  Then at 12:30,
join us for the SIR PBP
Seminar<http://www.seattlerandonneur.org/info/PBPSeminarFlyer.pdf> at
12:30. PM..  The seminar will provide lots of helpful information for
riders planning, hoping, or considering riding Paris Brest Paris in
2007.  The seminar will provide you an opportunity to hear from and talk
with anciens and anciennes who have ridden PBP in previous years.  Find
the details on the ride and the seminar at the SIR club

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