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Yes, I probably said "they'll talk about lighting setups all day" I think it
was in reference to "What do randonneurs do on their bikes all day? Don't
they get bored?"

I'm glad they used Nate's picture of Eric and John taking a break at the
Pelican Brewery looking out on Haystack Rock. It shows 1) The scenery. 2)
It's not competative. We really didn't need cyclist riding their bikes,
everyone already knows cyclist ride their bikes. I haven't seen the article
and cover yet. Did they per chance put in a picture of John playing the slot
machines or Eric taking a nap on the road???

The writer plans to come ride one of the populaires in November. She said it
sounds like we have a lot of fun.

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  I just read the article on OR Randonneurs in the September edition of
Oregon Cycling Magazine. Its a good article that is basically a quick
overview of the sport. Check it out if you can. I think you can find it in
most bike shops. John Kramer and Eric Vigoren are pictured on the cover,
taking a break in Pacific City. There was one inaccuracy that I noticed -
Susan was quoted as saying "They'll talk about lighting set ups for 6
hours." Everyone knows that, if given the chance, we'll talk about lights
for much longer than that.

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