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I tried your email address but didn't get through.  I plan to ride the 400 and plan to stay at the hostel.  Should I make a reservation or have you reserved one of the rooms?

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  I got this message from Bert and I think it is a pretty good idea. I wouldn't mind knowing how much interest there is for a couple of Randonneur rooms. I would feel a little embarrassed if I asked them to hold two rooms for Bert. Maybe if you are interested in riding the 400k you could fill out the reservation form and note in the comments if your down with Bert's idea or not (or just email me). 
  To register just click on the link below. Why that would be swell! ;-) 

  Also, I forgot to mention there isn't anyplace to get breakfast in Bingen or White Salmon. So, you'll have to bring a breakfast of maybe come up with another idea... =-O 

  I talked to the guy at the hostel and he said that there was no need to make
  a reservation for a bunk.  He mentioned that he had talked to you (is there
  any that doesn't know you?) and he thought that may we should set aside a
  dorm or one of 2 private rooms for us as a group.  Wonder if there would be
  enough interest to do that for Friday and Saturday nights?  I plan to sleep
  there both nights.

  What do you think?


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