[OrRando] Snoozing in the Prairies...Two Days, Two Perms

Susan France susanfrance at teleport.com
Thu Jan 26 15:16:40 PST 2006

My totem was given to me, by my crew, in the desert of AZ, during RAAM.
After I received my totem... I started finding turtles everywhere. I even
remember my crew gave me roses at the RAAM finishline with a ceramic
tortoise ribboned in.

This was before the 508 made a thing out of totems.  Though, if we dug
around enough we might find some spiritual link between Kostman and members
of my crew that I'm not aware of.

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> Where did you get your tortoise totem?  It's not listed on the
> Adventure Corps
> site, so it's not a Kostman thing.
> > There is a reason I was given a tortoise totem 15 years ago.
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