[OrRando] FW: November permanents results can now be viewed

Susan France susanfrance at teleport.com
Sun Dec 4 12:57:46 PST 2005

I know a lot of perms were done in the NW last month...Here's some email
Robert sent out that explains how they all get processed. I know I get
questions about this too.

One more, and I'm done for this year...maybe.

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November permanents have now been reviewed and transferred to the searchable
database. With 51 rides last month, you guys were busy!

>From now on, I am planning to try to make this a monthly email to you all,
as I am getting quite a few enquiries about permanents results that have
been submitted but do not appear in a results search. As most of you know,
submitted results initially sit in a raw results database, and I have to
review and transfer them before they can be seen in a results search. I do
this once a month, and send an insurance report to Tim Sullivan at the same
time. This helps me to keep everything straight.

Best Regards,
Robert J. Fry
Permanents Coordinator, Randonneurs USA
cvbrevet at mchsi.com
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